Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mass and Weight

  • What are the two properties that all types of matter, including solids, liquids, and gases, have in common?- "Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space. Therefore, mass is one property that all matter has. Volume, or the amount of space that something takes up, is also a property of all matter." If you weigh mass or matter it can be math to for example of what I watch in a video( 5 by the power of three is 125) so that is how matter can take up some space. All types of matter have mass in it.
  • What is weight and how does weight differ from mass?- "Mass is the amount of matter in a substanceWeight is the pull of gravity between masses. Objects on Earth have weight because there is a gravitational attraction between their mass and Earth’s mass. Objects with more mass have a larger weight because their gravitational attraction to Earth is stronger." The gravity in space can lift your whole body up and you will way another weight instead of your real weight on earth. Mass is the amount of matter in an object. "Weight measures the pull of gravity on matter."
  • How are weight and mass measured?-"Mass is measured with a balance. The SI unit for mass is the kilogram, but mass may also be measured in grams. Weight is measured with a spring scale. The SI unit for weight is the newton. Weight is also measured in pounds and ounces." Mass is measured with a balance. Weight is measured with a scale.
  • Does changing the location of an object change its mass or weight?- "If you traveled to the moon, your body would not change, so your mass would stay the same. However, your weight would be different because gravity is different on the moon. Your weight on the moon is less than your weight on Earth." Moving an object into space or to another planet can change its weight, but it does not change its mass.
  • How does the mass of an object compare to the mass of its parts?- "The mass of an object is always equal to the mass of all of its parts. For example, suppose you buy a toy that has to be put together. If you found the mass of every piece and added those masses together, that total would be the same as the mass of the completed toy. The idea that the mass of an object is the same as the mass of all of its parts is called the law of conservation of mass."  All the mass of an object is always the same as the total mass of its parts.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Bullies are attacking

Dear bloggers,

     I just finished another article called "Popularity and Bullies". It is about bullies that are targeting other kids in schools.

     There are some teens that are very popular at school and they do not get bullied at all. Only the most popular kids at the very top of the high school social ladder avoid being bullied. Some people say that least popular kids are the targets for bullies As kids move up the social ladder, the victimization becomes more severe the ladder is how kids reach to be popular.That is not fair for the least popular kids to get bullied no one should ever get bullied.

     There are some kids that are trying to reach some kind of level to be nice or rude to people. Teens at the very top of the social ladder can “afford” to be nice. But the other kids in the other level down have to keep on fighting them self safe. What I think is that people have to be in some kind of a level to be nice or rude it is just what they are doing.

There are some kinds of groups where bullies will attack the kind of group of something. In the group, about half the students were white and a third of black. The researchers noted that there could be differences in other population groups.I think that bullies will bother groups of people like different kind of skin color.

So that is what I read about this article that there are some bullies that attack people, bother them. It is just not fair because you have to reach a level to choose a side, what I would choose would be nice to people.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Homework: Too Little or Too much? It depends

Dear readers,

     Iv'e just read an article called Homework: Too little or too much? It depends. It is about homework that some people getting less homework and some people say that it is not helping.

     First there will be a lot of homework for some schools. There was a kid that said that classes should always have homework or we will not learn anything. He says that if we have homework in other classes we will learn way better. Well I think that we should not have a lot of homework in other classes.

     In high school there are a lot of students that are not doing there work. High school seniors at least seem that they are doing less work than they used to do. That is making high school students be less prepared for collage. But then only 38.4 percent spent that same amount of time on studying or homework during their last year in high school and that is still bad.If high school students are not doing their work they will fail their grades.

A lot of students need more time to study. Back in 2012, 5 percent of 9 year olds reported they had more than two hours of homework the previous night. The same was true of 7 of 13 percent of 17 year olds. Wow a lot of kids need more time I think because they do not use there time use full.

So I just found out that in some school there are a lot of kids that do not do there work and that is bad because they well fail there grades it might be because they give them a lot of homework or they do not want to do there work

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Respiratory System

What function do the lungs have? - The function that the lungs have is that when the oxygen goes through lungs it helps you breath, like it contains oxygen and then gets rid of carbon dioxide after new air comes in because it is bad air that you do not need.

How does the respiratory system help the body?- the respiratory system helps our body to bring oxygen from the air into your body and push carbon dioxide out of your body. When we breath in air the oxygen will go through the lungs to help breath and then carbon dioxide the bad air will get out of you body when new air gets in your lungs.

How does air travel through the respiratory system - So the when you breath through your nose or mouth the air goes through your lungs. As it travels the air is cleaned, heated, and even moistened. In the lungs oxygen passes from the air to your blood. Blood is delivers the oxygen to all parts of your body. When your body uses oxygen, it produces carbon dioxide.

Friday, March 14, 2014


Dear readers,

     I have a friend called Angelo, I read his work and I really like it. I read his blog called the Strange Case Of Origami Yoda. He had great detail Explained the story very will and it did make me read the book. It was so funny that I kept on laughing class. When you read this it will keep you calm, laughing, and you would like to tell everybody about it. At the end Angelo tells that at the end it will talk about the author. So I will like to give Angelo the award of Swag Extreme Explainer for doing a good job explaining his book that he read.

Bees Are Getting Infected

I just finished an article called Deadly Virus spreads from plants to honeybees. It is talking about that bees around the world are getting viruses.

     My first main point is how it all started spreading on bees. A lot of bees pollinated about 90 crops world wide. A business Valued at $14 billions  annually to people who help pollinate crops. The tobacco ring spot virus mutates, or changes its structure, quickly enough to subvert the host's immune response. I wonder how how could tobacco caused the virus.  

     There are some virus that are spreading on bees. Varroa mites a “vampire” parasite, also were found to carry the virus but were not infected. There are some animals that contain virus and those viruses well get bigger, it might spread around the would. Researchers also are uncertain about whether the infection persists without the bees picking up more of the virus from the plants. I think that the plants might have infections because if a bee gets it it could spread.

Several other possible causes of bee colony collapse have been identified. Some people have found that there are some different things that contain bad things in them. Activists have raised concern about a type of pesticide known as neonicotinoids, which have been banned in Europe. Bees fed with high-fructose corn syrup, which many commercial beekeepers now feed to bees instead of their own honey. It found that this diet weakened the bees. Why would someone use pesticide on bees?